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Review - Where's The Magic by Kirran Thompson

A light and lovely second novel, full of 1980's references and really good fun to read. This is another inventive story from an author with a huge imagination, able to conjure up unique storylines and put a fun twists on the usual rom-com trope.

Although I enjoyed Kirran Thompson's first novel, The Museum of Perfect Scenes, this novel is definitely stronger, the characters more accessible. Sophia works in a record shop that is just about to shut. She's been there so long, she has no idea what to do when that happens. She finds kindred spirits in teenager Lexi-Lou and just-divorced Henry. All have their own challenges, but are united by their love of the 1980's and one band in particular, Bowling For Soup, which is an actual band, I realised later.

This is a fun read, a historical piece in a way, and a good-natured love story with relatable characters going through relatable challenges. I would say that the editing in the version I had could have done with some sharpening up. And the formatting was a bit off in places as well, but I've had my copy for a while and this may well have been addressed. It is worth mentioning though, just in case it hasn't been.

This author is one to watch; for her dreamy style, her vibrant world-building and likeable characters. Recommended if you'd like a romance which is different from the norm.


A Pop Punk Inspired Novel.

Do you believe in Fairytales? Everyone did at some point but then a 9 to 5 life kicks every dreamer to the curb at some point. That is where Sophia Andrews is at.

Sophia Andrews has hit the wall. Ever since she has turned thirty her life has been heading into a downward spiral. Her boyfriend has broken up with her and in three months her job will be redundant. Having worked in the same record shop since she was sixteen Sophia has no idea where to start looking. Just the one job; even she knows she does not look good on paper. Everything has gone digital, even music which is why Record Direct is soon to be a thing of the past. Three Months is all Sophia Andrews has to get her life back on track or just enough to keep the roof over her head. With Christmas season around the corner Sophia Andrews needs a miracle.

Maybe that miracle is in the form of two temporary staff to handle the not so busy closing down, three month sale. Sophia thinks not. There is Lexi-Lou. An eighteen year old trainee hairdresser who has no idea who Jack Nicholson is and never wears the same outfit twice. She parties every night. Unlike Sophia who goes out once every six months to attend a concert and considers that sociable. Falling asleep by 9pm in the middle of a film is her scene nowadays. And then there is Henry. A 34 year old divorcee from London who has ruled out dating and wants a fresh start since his wife ran of with the drummer from his band.

With nothing on the horizon Sophia looks back on her life and that only brings back her nightmares. The pressure her wedding planner parents have put upon her to settle down and get a proper career are hanging over her soon to be unemployed head. If only she could go back to high school and start over. Maybe go back in time to the 90's and pretend her life is a 90's rom-com movie. At the moment it is playing out like a tragedy.

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