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Review - Wild Hearts (Bay Hearts Book 1) by Caz May

First thing to say - Read the author trigger warnings at the beginning. She very clearly states that in Australia, the age of consent is sixteen, so anyone saying "eew, they are so young," well, you've been warned. I picked up this book after seeing it on Instagram, and to be honest, I was expecting a sweet love story.

OMG, steam, steam, coming out the pages. Soooo much steam. I was shooketh! At this point I must point out I DIDN'T know the protagonists would be so young when I started reading. It was only seeing the trigger warnings (THANK YOU, AUTHOR!) that I gulped a bit. Reading about teenagers getting it on doesn't sit well with this old dame and it didn't feel right to be reading it, to be honest.

BUT, this book isn't written for old dames. It feels as if it's written for the YA crowd, who maybe exploring their sexuality and reading something with sizzles aplenty without the, perhaps terrifying, smut that people in their 30-40's are used to. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's how it feels. And that's GOOD! Our threesome, Ariel, Briston and Braeden, are bristling with hormones and, after some angst, go at it like the proverbial bunnies.

Although the story-telling feels a little clumsy in places, I loved the heart that went into this book, and the courage to allow the characters to explore their genders and sexuality freely (although I kept thinking, where are their parents?) Yes, I know, but I'm not the target audience, as I said before.

Basically, if you love romance, threesomes, oodles of sex in your books and good LGBTQIA rep, this is a fun, angsty read which is VERY explicit, but not terrifyingly so. Go forth, adultlings, and enjoy!


I shouldn’t love him, my best friend Briston Nicholls. He doesn’t bat for my team. And he’s all feminine and prissy, loving lipgloss on his plump kissable lips more than I do. And that’s not even mentioning that he’s in love with his complete opposite, the total jock package of the soccer team captain, Braeden Chappell. I'm not expecting to fall for the bad boy too but when lines are crossed and secrets are revealed I’m wondering if it’s possible to love more than one guy?

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