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Ties That Bind - #3 Switchblade Romance

Series trigger warnings:


Gun violence, self-harm, drug abuse, domestic abuse, dub con sex, choking, mental breakdown, historical child abuse, off-screen rape

“When it comes to Richard, you don’t have a hope in hell of controlling him. You’d be wise to remember that.”

Richard Mason - Addiction and anger issues are causing the ex-mafioso CEO sleepless nights. Self-control is on a knife-edge, not helped by the return of his sultry ex, Pagan. Only being dominated helps ease his troubled mind.

Tino Santini-Mason - Richard’s beautiful, cross-dressing husband is slowly falling in love - with Pagan’s man. He believes he has a polyamorous solution for both couples to fulfil their desires, IF he can keep Richard under control.

Pagan Sandhurst - She’s back! This curvy domestic goddess is determined to have it all. Loyal to her family, yet her friendship with Tino brings mischief, mayhem and sexual hijinks.

Marcus Sandhurst - Outwardly a stern doctor, Marcus secretly craves Richard’s brutal punishments. His love for Pagan and Tino can only end in one mighty crash which will affect them all.


Paperback copies are currently available at most online bookstores. Large Print paperback copies are available on Amazon only.

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What readers are saying about Ties That Bind

Five star rating for Ties That Bind by Lady Jaguar

I absolutely loved how all the loose threads from the previous books were picked up and bound together in the most gut-churning way.

Five star rating for Ties That Bind by Lady Jaguar

This series has it all. I’m sad to see it end… AND THAT LAST LINE-OMG. I give this book and series a full five stars and will read everything this incredible author writes.

Goodreads logo for Lady Jaguar
Five star rating for Ties That Bind by Lady Jaguar

The queen of dark romance has done it again. This is the perfect ending to a steamy polyamorous series. Richard is a charming and complex character who brings you into his life as if you are a voyeur.

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