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What readers are saying about Going Down

Five star rating for Going Down by Lady Jaguar

This book left me with so many feels! I have not read anything by this author before and I seriously can't wait to read the other two books in this series.

Five star rating for Going Down by Lady Jaguar

This author draws me in and captivates me with books I find it hard to put down. Looking forward to book 2.

Five star rating for Going Down by Lady Jaguar

Their love is wild, naughty, messy and delicious and keeps you turning the pages. Jayne became one of my favorite authors and I can’t recommend her enough. 

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Going Down (Switchblade Romance #1)

“I break balls, rip hearts to shreds and fuck like a demon, but I don't do love. Never forget that."

Office worker Tino Santini is fearless about expressing his love for dressing in feminine clothes, but terrified when he's trapped overnight in an elevator with his firm’s fearsome CEO. When awkward small talk turns into a sex and booze marathon, Tino hopes his mediocre career is about to get a power boost.

With a mobster past and a savage temper, Richard Mason has no time for love, yet nothing has prepared him for Tino. Now that smart-mouthed, beautiful man is about to throw Richard’s tightly controlled world upside down.

Neither Richard nor Tino expect their affair to be anything other than business, until a personal tragedy throws them closer together. As they enjoy a hedonistic journey of of discovery, trouble with a business rival looms on the horizon, bringing mayhem and murder.

Sexual tension and gang warfare, set against the glittering backdrop of corporate Manhattan, as a wealthy, pansexual CEO breaks the all the rules in the pursuit of love.


Each book is standalone, but if you fall in love with the characters and want more, the books should be read in sequence.

Please Note: The series has many potential triggers, including:


Taboo relationship, gun violence, self-harm, drug abuse, domestic abuse, dub con sex, choking, mental breakdown, child abuse, swearing and violence.

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