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His Christmas Valentine

We were drawn together like magnets seeking out an opposite force, stars colliding to create a supernova, the clashing of words hiding the inevitability of falling into the same maelstrom of lust and destruction.


In this dark MM reimagining of Cinderella, Tino (Valentine) Santini, is being bullied at his day job. No one will believe him, so desperation has made him take extra work at the CEO's private club as a pole dancer. His plan is to tell the big boss what exactly is going on in his company, but he isn't prepared to fall in love with him.

Richard Mason hates the Holidays with a passion. He associates them with painful memories he would rather forget and uses booze and drugs to get through Christmas and the New Year. When he meets Valentine, the attraction between them is instant but he is wary. Love shouldn't hit so soon or so violently, but Valentine may be just the man he needs to heal his wounded heart, and prove that Christmas magic still exists.

Please Note: This is an alternative universe with Richard and Tino from the Switchblade Romance series. The series has many potential triggers throughout, including:


Taboo relationship, gun violence, self-harm, drug abuse, domestic abuse, dub con sex, choking, mental breakdown, child abuse, offensive language and violence.

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What readers are saying about His Christmas Valentine

five star rating for His Christmas Valentine by Lady Jaguar

What to say except that I just love Tino and Richard?! They will hold a special place in my heart and definitely need more. 

Five star rating for His Christmas Valentine by Lady Jaguar

This darker Christmas tale with Cinderella vibes is filled with the author's usual bite, spice and fabulous writing.

Five star rating for His Christmas Valentine by Lady Jaguar

It was a beautifully written book with great characters that was passionate, sweet, caring, witty and a bit dark! Highly Recommend.

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