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Book cover for Closer Than Blood 2: Possession by Jayne Lockwood

Closer Than Blood 2: Possession Ebook


In the second part of the Closer Than Blood series, one man’s ruthless quest to claim back the woman he loves results in murder.

Pagan Freemantle (now Roscoe) was determined forget the events of 2010, but having married her accountant, she has realised he is more interested in her money and status than her or her young son.

Greg Roscoe has accepted a highly-paid position at the Manhattan company run by Pagan's wealthy former lover, Richard Mason. When he meets a man from Richard’s past, Greg seizes his chance to become a multi-millionaire at Richard’s expense.

Richard is the powerful businessman whose former life is about to destroy everything he loves. Having been told he isn’t actually related to Pagan at all, he sets about trying to win her back. Meanwhile, he has to deal with an enemy who wants to settle old scores.

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